5 Things: Blue Jays, calendars, boyfriend blazers, Nasty Galaxy and micro-loans

This week the 5 Things that brought me joy:


The Jays Game #3 against Cleveland. We ended up losing the game, and my Dad and I got beer spilled on us from the people behind us, but it was nice to hang out with my Dad just the two of us. Plus I got to wear my Kevin Pillar shirt and that was awesome.


This is TeamUp, which is an online calendar and an app that is made to be used by teams so that everyone can see people’s different calendars. I started using it to plan and schedule blog posts. I find it super easy to use, and because you can make different coloured calendars within the one calendar I’m finding it keeps me super organized. One coloured calendar is green for unscheduled, but where I want to put a post, and other things like “Review Tuesday” are a different colour, so I can see what I have scheduled at a glance.


This is not a great picture but this is my new favourite thing – the boyfriend blazer from Ricki’s. It is the best thing I’ve purchased (clothes wise) in a long time. It looks amazingly chic and professional, but it feels like a sweater. And because of that I’m in love. I feel cozy when I wear this. Best of both worlds.


Nasty Galazy by Sophia Amoruso is the latest book that I started to read. (Thank you public library). Sophia Amoruso wrote #GirlBoss, which I really enjoyed and I am super excited to be reading this one.


Kiva is a brilliant website and company that gives micro-loans to people in developing nations. You donate $25 at a time to whatever kind of loan that you want, (there are search parameters where you can select gender, country, industry etc). Then over a certain period of time the person pays you pay and you can donate that money again to someone else. I’ve been using this site for a couple of years now (I read about it in Vanity Fair one day) and I love that I’m helping people. It makes me feel good and brings me joy.


5 Things: walks, sunsets, picnics, laundry and books

Nature is playing a rather large role in my 5 Things that brought me joy this week. I’m assuming it’s because it’s now September and fall is on the way (though it certainly hasn’t felt like it yet).


This week Doug and I took a couple of walks down by the lake. It’s been gorgeous weather in the evenings and I find that the walking and the company help me to relax.


The sunset was so beautiful the other night with the pinks, and the sound of the waves. It’s a perfect recipe to help me pause and unwind.


I made Doug and I a picnic lunch one day this week. Nothing too fancy just some sandwiches, water and a fruit salad for desert. Doug here apparently has it in for the bananas.


This is probably an eccentricity of mine, but oh my goodness I LOVE freshly laundered sheets. It feels so cozy and clean hopping into bed on the day that you wash your sheets. This definitely brought me some joy this week.


The two books that I’m reading next. Truthfully, I’m a little on the fence about Modern Lovers, but I’m going to give it a go and see. I’m excited for The Happiness Project because I really enjoy the podcast. My friend Meiling got me onto it.

As always my 5 Things is inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere, which you should definitely check out!

5 Things: sunsets, Neil Gaiman, family time and thunderstorms

This week the 5 things that brought me joy are:


This is the view from one night out by the lake with Doug. We took a walked, and skipped some stones and just enjoyed the sun setting. So beautiful.

american gods

This month was my pick for Book Club, and I gave three suggestions and after a vote we unanimously decided on American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I’m super excited. It’s also a book that’s been sitting on my to-read pile for a very long time, so I’m glad that I’m knocking down the pile too.

Heavy Downpour --- Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

It rained this week – thunderstormed even, and I couldn’t have been more excited. The temperature is hot and humid right now, and the rain brought a little relief. Plus it’s nice for the plants to get some water. I don’t think that we’ve gotten a lot of rain this year so far, so every little bit helps.

amazing race canada

The Amazing Race Canada is 2 episodes in currently. I have 2 favourite teams, and 1 team that I really don’t like. I’m excited to see what happens next week. I watched the first episode with my cousin this week (I missed it the week before), and we had a good evening of dinner, tv watching, and catching up.


I spent a lot of time this week working on a gift for Doug. But since it’s a surprise I can’t post any pictures of it yet. However, it’s going well so far, and I think that he’ll like it.

As always, 5 Things is inspired by Five Things from Cupcakes and Cashmere. A blog that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

Review Tuesday: All the Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love

Earlier in the year I read a book of poetry called Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson, and shortly after I finished reading it I realized that he had another book out called All the Words Are Yours: Haiku on Love, which I immediately added to my reading list.

all the words are yoursFrom Goodreads:

Every day for the past six years, Tyler Knott Gregson has written a simple haiku about love, and posted it online. These heartfelt poems have attracted a large and loyal following around the world. This highly anticipated follow-up to Chasers of the Light, presents Tyler’s favorites, some previously unpublished, accompanied by his signature photographs, which capture the rich texture of daily life.

This vibrant collection reveals the intimate reflections of one of poetry’s most popular new voices — honest, vulnerable, generous, and truly present in the gift that is each moment.

I don’t read a lot of poetry, and I’ve never read haikus, but I immediately fell in love with this book. Because of the structure of the haiku each word in the poem is so incredibly important, and thus also packs a punch when you read.

These haikus were lovely, funny, sad, and just truly inspiring. I found myself flipping back to read some again and again.

Overall this was a fantastic read, and a book that I would recommend to anyone who needs a little more love in their lives – which quite frankly is probably everyone.

Some New Editions!

This past week some exciting happened! I got a new Macbook Pro computer! My old computer was a Macbook – the white one, and I’ve lost count as to how long I’ve had it, but probably 5 years or so. It was a great computer, and my first Mac computer. I loved it. However, over the past little while it had become a mission to do anything on the it because it took about 5 minutes to turn on. (Though the upside was that I could turn it on, go make a cup of tea and come back and not have missed anything). Then when it did turn on it would take forever to load any program and it seemed at times to be questioning my judgement – “Do you really need to open this program? Don’t you have better things to be doing with your time?” And this made doing anything on the computer a bit of a mission. So a new computer was in order.

This past week, I thus got a Macbook Pro, and now it feels like things happen instantaneously. The computer turns on in seconds, programs actually open as soon as I click them, and my phone now syncs with my computer – oh happy days!

New Editions

Because I bought it during the time that Apple is having their Back to School promo on (and because I’m a teacher I qualify) I also got free Beats By Dre headphones. I will be the first person to say that while I knew that these headphones existed, I had zero idea about how much they cost, or really anything about them. I mean, I’m the person who has dollar store headphones at my desk at work as backup incase I forget or misplace my iPod headphones – which happens more times than it should. So, Beats by Dre headphones are a whole new experience for me, and I have to say that I like them. They’re comfortable and the sound is really good coming from them.

Now, that I have a computer that’s easy to turn on and works like a normal computer, I feel like I’ll be on it more, and also blogging more. So here’s hoping 🙂