5 Things: Girls Weekend, Scottish Festival, signed books, Musketeers, new reads

I recognize that this post is late – it should have gone up yesterday – but I’m not gonna lie. I totally forgot that it wasn’t scheduled already, so here we are on a beautiful and hot Saturday morning (I’m actually heading to my cousin’s wedding in a couple of hours) and there’s just enough time to squeak this in.

Thus, without any further ado here are my 5 Things from this week that brought me joy. As always this post is inspired by Emily’s 5 Things from Cupcakes and Cashmere.


Last weekend was a Girls Weekend. We went to Niagara-on-the-Lake, and stayed at White Oaks. The day was starting off at 6:00 am for pick up because we were going to be going to the Scottish Festival in Fergus. Diana Gabaldon, author of Outlander, was going to be signing books. I was set to drive. Unfortunately, my anxiety the night before was over the top, and I didn’t end up sleeping. I had also worked myself into such a state that when the time came to leave, I just couldn’t do it. But, with some lightning quick changes the other three were able to go and meet Diana. My brother ended up giving me a serious pep talk later on the in the morning, and I was able to meet them at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Girl Weekend was a go for me 🙂


I was not there to get my copy of Outlander signed, but unbeknownst to me Shannon bought a copy for me there, and Sabrina got in line and got it signed for me. Natalie got in line and got some copies for Shannon signed (there was a limit of three). My girls are awesome. Also if you haven’t read Outlander – jump on it.


The night before Girls Weekend, Shannon, Doug and I went to the Scottish Festival in Fergus to see the opening tattoo and ceremony. I also did some shopping a got this great (and amazingly soft) t-shirt that on the front says “Lift here” and on the back says “Official Kilt Inspector.” My Nana when she saw that said it was “very cheeky.”

musketeers season 3

One of my favourite shows in BBC’s The Musketeers. It is such an awesome show, and I am incredibly upset and sad that it got cancelled after only 3 seasons. I got tired of waiting for season 3 to come to Netflix (but the first 2 seasons are there!) so I bought it and watched it in 2 days. So worth it.


I’m currently reading The Assistants by Camille Perri, and I’m really enjoying it. It is silly and completely hilarious. I also got it out of the library (I had it on hold for a while) which I’m very proud about because I’m working on spending less money and using the library more often.