Quote Monday: Vivian Greene

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

-Vivian Greene


The Debt Monster

When I was a kid, I (like many other children) was afraid of the monster(s) that were under the bed. They of course only came out when the light was off, and my parents were asleep. They would creep out from under the bed, and if I wasn’t careful, and if my stuffed bunny wasn’t watching, kidnap me and take me to their under-the-bed kingdom. (What can I say, my imagination ran wild when night time came).

Now though, I am not afraid of the monsters under the bed. I have a new boogie man. It is the debt monster.

The debt monster lives in the plastic credit card I have, the line of credit I was pre-approved for, the “sales” that happen, and the retail therapy. It’s a tricky little bitch that sneaks up on you, clubs you over the head, and drags you down to the debt kingdom where interest pokes you with a pitch fork and laughs at you, cause it knows it can fuck you over seven ways to Sunday, and you’ll just have to take it. (Look at that, my imagination has gotten better over the years).

The only way to combat the debt monster is the budget, and the fortitude within to stick to the damn thing when temptation comes a-calling. And it will.

Now my debt isn’t astronomical. But it also wasn’t gained for a worthy cause like education. No, I did this to myself. I went and spend money willy nilly for about a year, and while I’m not screwed by any means, and I’m only in debt for a couple grand, it’s still a couple grand. And I’m getting poked by the interest’s pitch fork because I was an idiot. And that is what really gets to me. I hate fucking up.

The good thing is I’ve learned my lesson. And I’m in a situation where it is relatively easy for me to get out of it. I just have to stop spending money. But to get away from the debt monster, and interest’s pitch fork is good motivation to get my shit together.

My budget and I are quickly becoming besties – better late than never right?

Any advice on how you’ve managed to stay away from the debt monster? Or what you’re doing to get yourself out of it?