Quote Monday: Tina Fey

“If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, which is: Who cares?”

-Tina Fey


5 Things: Thanksgiving, Family, Shopping Sprees, Volunteering, & Books!

I need to really work on my blog scheduling and getting into better blogging habits because I find that while I was off work, it was (obviously) easier to blog whenever I wanted and I didn’t have to worry too much about planning ahead. Not so the case anymore. Planning and scheduling ahead is now super important otherwise this blog will just fall to the wayside.

So here’s to being proactive which is one of my favourite thoughts that I’ve had this week. But also here are 5 other things that brought me joy this week.


My cousin Stef and I went out for a sushi lunch last weekend and then ended up going shopping afterwards. It was a rather expensive trip for me – I got new little ankle boots from Spring, a couple of sweaters from Simon’s, a book from Indigo, and then some things from Sephora, including this face cleanser. Stef and I got free facials and I fell in love with the cleanser they used and had to get it.


This is my Babcie and Mom checking to make sure the turkey is cooked for one of the Thanksgiving dinners that I went to last weekend. So tasty!


Doug and I at Thanksgiving dinner at my Babcie’s. The family was there to eat good food, and then we watched the Jays game, where the Jays won against Texas. It was epic! The Jays are playing tonight at 8:08 against Cleveland.


I volunteer with a program at the Toronto Public Library. You get paired up with a little kid and help them practice their reading. The little boy who I’m paired up with is 6 years old, and we started reading Green Eggs and Ham a couple of weeks ago. He ended up checking the book out and last night I found out that he’s read it by himself – twice! This is the thank you card he wrote for me. I’m so proud of him!


I’m currently reading Searching for Disaster by Jennifer Probst, and to the right is my “up next reading”: The Return of History by Jennifer Welsh, Feminist Fight Club by Jennifer Bennett and The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Hope that you also had some moments this week that brought you joy!

5 Things: sunsets, Neil Gaiman, family time and thunderstorms

This week the 5 things that brought me joy are:


This is the view from one night out by the lake with Doug. We took a walked, and skipped some stones and just enjoyed the sun setting. So beautiful.

american gods

This month was my pick for Book Club, and I gave three suggestions and after a vote we unanimously decided on American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I’m super excited. It’s also a book that’s been sitting on my to-read pile for a very long time, so I’m glad that I’m knocking down the pile too.

Heavy Downpour --- Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis

It rained this week – thunderstormed even, and I couldn’t have been more excited. The temperature is hot and humid right now, and the rain brought a little relief. Plus it’s nice for the plants to get some water. I don’t think that we’ve gotten a lot of rain this year so far, so every little bit helps.

amazing race canada

The Amazing Race Canada is 2 episodes in currently. I have 2 favourite teams, and 1 team that I really don’t like. I’m excited to see what happens next week. I watched the first episode with my cousin this week (I missed it the week before), and we had a good evening of dinner, tv watching, and catching up.


I spent a lot of time this week working on a gift for Doug. But since it’s a surprise I can’t post any pictures of it yet. However, it’s going well so far, and I think that he’ll like it.

As always, 5 Things is inspired by Five Things from Cupcakes and Cashmere. A blog that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already.

A Little Peace

I have discovered that people think that I’m weird for liking the rain. But I like the rain. I love rainy days. I love the violence and rage of thunderstorms, the downpour of trillions of droplets of water when you’re afraid that it’s just never going to stop. I love the quiet rain, the cold rain, the summer rain. I like walking in it, dancing in it, and watching it fall outside a window as I drink tea and read.

There are a couple of reasons why I love the rain. One of the reasons is that since I have such bad allergies I always feel like I can breath better after it rains, and breathing is always good. I enjoy the smell of wet earth, everything feeling fresh and new – as if the whole world is possible again. A clean slate.

The other reason I love the rain is that it feels as if the world slows down. The hectic-ness that runs the day, the schedule that one must keep, the deadlines that are always up and coming, all of that just seems to fade into the background, until it feels like everything has gone into slow motion around me. The world gets quiet. There’s time to relax, take it all in.

Rainy days – and foggy days – are my favourite kind of days. They flood me with inspiration, quiet joy and slowly fill me with a deep sense of peace. Those are the days that are simply a different kind of beautiful.