Sunday Cooking: Dziadziu’s Christmas Morning (but eat them all the time) Omelettes

Ever since I was a little girl on Christmas morning my family and I would go over to my Babcie and Dziadizu’s house (my Polish grandparents) and open gifts and then have omelettes. My Dziadziu would always cook them for us. When he started getting dementia he wasn’t able to cook anymore, so my Babcie starting making them instead. My Dziadziu died in May 2016, and this was our first Christmas without him. Babcie made the omelettes, but it got me thinking about him.

I make the same kind of omelettes all of the time that Dziadziu made, and no matter that they have the same ingredients, they never taste as good. Never. They’re still good and tasty, but just not the same.


2 eggs

little pepper

1 green onion

sliced ham

cheddar cheese



Wash your green onion, and then chop it up into little pieces. Take your ham and also chop it (as much as you want in your omelette) into small pieces. Thinly slice some cheddar cheese – probably no more than 4 slices off of a block). Next break your two eggs into a bowl and beat your eggs. Add in a little pepper for taste.

Next take your frying pan, and melt a little butter in it to grease the pan. Once the butter is sizzling add in your green onion. Let it sizzle in the butter, and taking your spatula move it around so it doesn’t burn. Once the green onions look like they’ve been cooked a bit, add in your ham. Let it fry for a minute or two so that both the green onion and the ham look like they’re cooked a bit.


Spread your green onion and ham around the pan, and then add in your eggs. Turn down the heat a little bit because you don’t want the eggs to burn. Now, with your spatula push the egg into the middle a little bit so that the rest of the uncooked egg can flow to the bottom of the pan and cook. Once your egg looks like the picture below it’s time to flip your omelette.


Okay so you’ve flipped your omelette with various degrees of success. Never fear. Omelette flipping is hard. I actually use 2 spatulas to flip one. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Now that you’re omelette is cooking away, take your sliced cheese and put it on one half of the omelette. Then take your spatula, and slide it under the side that doesn’t have cheese. Flip that part of the omelette onto the cheese part.

Flip your omelette from side to side until you’re happy with how it’s cooked. Some people liked their eggs more well cooked than others so you do you.

Serve it up on a plate, with some taste and jam or some fruit and you’re good to go!

As your eating them though, think of your loved ones and if you haven’t called or talked to them in a while you should do that. Time passes by much too quickly.


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