Sunday Cooking: Tuna Salad

I made a tuna salad for lunch last Sunday when it was above 30 degrees in Toronto. It was simply too hot to cook anything and this seemed like a nice protein filled light lunch.


1 can of tuna (I usually do 1/2 a can per person)


1 tomato

1 green onion

2 stalks of celery

cheddar cheese

1 hard boiled egg (I usually do 1/2 an egg per person)

Open your can of tuna, put in some mayonnaise or miracle whip until the tuna is all covered and meshed together nicely. Set this aside.


After you wash your vegetables, rip up enough lettuce for a salad for however many people you’re serving. The ingredients listed above is enough for 2 people. Chop up your green onion, tomato, and celery and sprinkle on top of lettuce. Slice up some cheddar cheese and place on the side of the bowl, or if you’d like to dice it and put it in the salad that works too.

Take the hard boiled egg and after taking off the shell slice it down the middle. Take out the yolk, mash it up in a bowl and then mix it with some mayo or miracle whip. Then scoop your mayo-ed yolk back into the egg white. Place this on the side of the bowl as well.

Then take your tuna and scoop out half and put it on top of the salad that you’ve made. And volia! A tuna salad, high in protein (with the egg and the tuna) as well as delicious on a hot day.



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