Review Tuesday: Author Spotlight – Tamora Pierce

This past month I had some personal family tragedy, which led me to fall behind on my reading. Firstly, for a little while there wasn’t a whole lot of time, and secondly I just wasn’t in the mood to read anything new. My friend Carmen suggested that I go and read a favourite book, and said that it would be like curling up with an old friend. She was definitely right. I ended up reading a bunch of books by Tamora Pierce, who I loved when I was growing up and who I’ve read countless times.

The original cover. There have been many new covers since this one

The original cover. There have been many new covers since this one.

Tamora Pierce is a fantasy YA author, and the majority of her books have strong female protagonists who you simply fall in love with, and want to succeed. They are just awesome characters. She has two different series:

The Tortall Universe which starts off with Alanna, a girl who wants to be a knight even though girls aren’t allowed to be knights. So she does the only thing that she can do. She pretends to be a boy. That series is followed by Diane a wild mage, Kelandry the first girl who’s allowed to try for her knighthood as a girl, and Aly who’s Alanna’s daughter and a spy. All of these books were published in a linear timeline of Tortall. Beka Cooper’s trilogy, which was published after all of these other books in the series, takes place before the Alanna books. Beka is a Provost Guard. All of these female characters are incredibly well written and friends of mine. I loved them growing up and it was definitely nice to revisit this world over the past couple of weeks.

The Circle Universe is Tamora Pierce’s other universe. This one is magic based. Much more so than the Tortall Universe, which has magic in it but it isn’t the main focus of the books in that universe. The universe starts off with The Circle of Magic series. It has 4 books in it – one for each of the 4 main characters. These 4 main characters – Sandry, Tris, Daja and Briar – have magic in them, magic that doesn’t appear like regular magic. These 4 characters (3 girls and a 1 boy) through their adventures become as close as siblings and are strong and supportive to each other that is refreshing to read.

The original cover that I have, there have been many new covers since this one.

The original cover that I have, there have been many new covers since this one.

The next series The Circle Opens is where the 4 main characters from The Circle of Magic each acquire their own student. The Circle Reforged series consists of three books –  1 from Briar’s perspective, 1 from Tris’s and one from Briar’s student. Like I said earlier this universe is heavily based and about magic, which I really love, but if it’s not your cup of tea then read the Tortall series.

These books by Tamora Pierce have been my favourite since I was a teenager, and I always keep an eye out to see if she has anything new coming out because damn right am I totally buying it. There are some authors that you just stick with no matter how old you get and Tamora Pierce is one of those for me.

If you’ve never read her books, I highly recommend them for yourself, or for any preteen/teenager. She’s an author that once you start reading will wonder how you ever did without her.


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