Podcasts: What Are You Listening To?

I have recently started getting into Podcasts. Some of the ones that I’ve started listening to are:

  1. #Girlboss Radio – I loved the book #Girlboss  (and my review is here)
  2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin – A friend of mine recommended this one to me, and I find it really interesting, and also a little kick in the ass to stop and enjoy the things around me.
  3. Monocle 24: The Stack – This one I stumbled across because I enjoy Monocle and it’s about books “the world of print.”

Ones that I’m thinking about starting to listen to are:

  1. The Paper Year – A podcast about the first year of marriage. Not that I’m anywhere near there but it seems interesting.
  2. The Lively Show – I was told about this one from Monica from The Elgin Avenue and thought I would check it out. (Monica also has a great blog btw)

Now because I’m me, I have some questions about podcasts for you. Firstly, where do you listen to your podcasts? When you’re commuting? Exercising? Cleaning? I’m finding it hard to listen to them mostly because I have a hard time just finding the time to sit down and listen. I can’t be doing anything else really that requires serious concentration because then I’m not really listening to the podcast. So where do you listen to them?

My second question is what kind of podcasts are you listening to? Do you have favourites? I’m always interested in seeing what else is out there.



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