Buy No Books May

Hello, my name is Cait, and I am a bookaholic. I buy books when I’m happy, sad, angry, feel the need to shop, need a pick me up, because it’s rainy, sunny – you get the idea. Bookstores for me are relaxing places, where I can go and get lost in the aisles, pick my own adventure, meet old friends (why yes Tolkien, it is indeed good to see you again), and grab a cup of tea and people watch.

However as great and lovely and amazing as bookstores are – I buy too many books. This translates into I have WAY too many books to read (like at least 100) and they’re piling up in my room. It’s certainly not a hostile takeover, but it is a takeover.


(There are only 50 pictured here, but they were the easiest to grab for the photo)

The other problem is that since I currently don’t have a job, book buying (read – buying anything) is getting a little more complicated, which is why I have implemented “Buy No Books May.”

This is going to be hard. I have no doubt of that because book buying isn’t for me just something I do – it’s something I do to make myself feel better (hello Shopaholic in the making). So I’ve decided that when I feel the urge to buy a book I’m just going to hit up the library instead. I recognize that this is something I should be doing more often, but I dunno, the library (while amazing) sometimes just doesn’t cut it for me. I want to own the books I read, I want to reread them, have them sitting on my shelf, recommend them to others etc.

So we’re currently 5 days in on “Buy No Books May” and at the moment it’s going well. I think the hardest part will be when books by some of my favourite authors come out and I can’t buy them right away, or when I walk by a bookstore or into a bookstore…

Wish me luck!


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