The Job Hunt

I have been out of work for the past 2 months. I took a maternity leave contract for a company that I had always wanted to work for, and I had a completely amazing time working there. But contracts end, and the job hunt is slow going. Slower than I expected if I’m being honest.

However, I’ve started to realize that my biggest problem is not the job hunt itself (though holy crap do I now hate resumes and cover letters) it’s the fact that I don’t have much to do during the day and I find myself getting extremely lazy. The longer this continues the harder it is to stay motivated. And once motivation exits the building, things suffer – like exercise, this blog, and anything creative or useful or productive.

Thus, today I’m setting out new goals for myself where I make sure I create and keep to a blog schedule. And also do some updates to the blog. It’s a good outlet for  creativity.

I’m also now learning Spanish. Nothing like a new language to engage the brain.

Things I am now avoiding for the time being – Netflix. Sorry Netflix, but you are a dangerous creature that I have no restraints for.

So, which these things in mind, and of course still working on applying to jobs, I’m going to enter next week hopefully more productive. I’m also going to ensure that I keep adding new things so that I stay that way. Wish me luck!


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