Sunday Baking: Lemon French Macaroons

Yesterday I had a girls day with two of my girlfriends (Natalie and Shannon) and we made Lemon French Macaroons from Sweet & Savory by Shinee. Not one of us had made them before, and truthfully I had never actually eaten one before either, so it was something new for all of us.

We had some trepidation about making them as Natalie had heard that they were rather temperamental to make. The good thing is that along with the blog post is a YouTube video about the trickiest part of the making of macaroons which is the folding of ingredients. Shannon handled the folding of the ingredients and she did a fantastic job as the batter turned out wonderfully. 

We did realize after we baked the macaroons that we should have maybe baked them on a lower temperature for longer so that they didn’t turn out quite so well done. IMG_2100We made a lemon buttercream filling for the macaroons, which tasted amazing, and was much easier to make in terms of finicky-ness than the macaroons. When put together though, they looked and tasted amazing!

IMG_2101We came to the conclusion that we would definitely make them again, but if we were going to serve them for a party or something we would have to double the batch because it doesn’t really make too many.

Overall, a great girls day and a very fun time (and tasty time) baking something new.



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