Review Tuesday: The Last Colony

The Last Colony by John Scalzi is book three in the Old Man’s War series, and this series is awesome. I don’t read a lot of science fiction but I love this series.

last colonyFrom Goodreads:

Retired from his fighting days, John Perry is now village ombudsman for a human colony on distant Huckleberry. With his wife, former Special Forces warrior Jane Sagan, he farms several acres, adjudicates local disputes, and enjoys watching his adopted daughter grow up.

That is, until his and Jane’s past reaches out to bring them back into the game–as leaders of a new human colony, to be peopled by settlers from all the major human worlds, for a deep political purpose that will put Perry and Sagan back in the thick of interstellar politics, betrayal, and war.

In this book we run across John and Jane again. Jane was in book two, but more as a secondary character, and John wasn’t in it at all. This book brings the two of them back and a bunch of time has past since book two.

They are put in charge of a new human colony that of course it not what it seems, and they and their teenage daughter Zoe move there. Cue, the intergalactical politics (and you thought earth politics was ridiculous at times).

The book was very well paced, and I just about flew through it. You see some character development from book one to book three, but these are mostly plot drive books, and the plot can definitely hold your attention.

The book ends on a surprising note for me. I was definitely not expecting it, and I’m very intrigued to see how book four unfolds. A book I will be picking up very soon.


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