Sunday Baking: Birthday Cake

My family has this birthday tradition. Ever since I can remember, for my parents, my brother and I, and my grandparents, we have a family birthday party. This entails everyone coming over to my parents place for dinner that my mom makes, and cake that my mom makes (unless it’s her birthday then we order in and I bake the cake). The cake is made from a Betty Crocker french vanilla cake mix, and it always has chocolate icing. Everyone gets the same cake. The only difference is that we have different coloured icing for the cake.IMG_1790

The Birthday Cake is essential to a birthday I think because it’s imperative that you make your birthday wish and blow out the candles. You only get one birthday wish and it obviously only comes once a year. It’s an important wish.

My mom started using the Betty Crocker cake mix after my first birthday (so the story goes). For my first birthday she ordered this huge cake that turned out to taste like cardboard. She was so disappointed. So after that she decided to make it herself, and she knew that Betty Crocker wouldn’t let her down. And she hasn’t.

So every year we come together for people’s birthdays, an amazing moist and awesome cake is made, the birthday person makes their wish, my Nana always makes a joke about being careful not to spit on the cake when blowing out the candles, and we have a fantastic time. It’s a great family tradition.

I didn’t realize how important it was to me either until I moved away to school in Kingston and wasn’t able to come home for my birthday, and thus wasn’t able to have the family traditional cake. It just wasn’t the same kind of birthday.

So, here’s to beloved family traditions, and if you don’t have any I hope that you are able to start your own 🙂



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