Sunday Baking: Lemon Loaves

For some people’s Christmas gifts this past year, I decided to bake. I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies which are most definitely my go to thing to bake now. (They’re just so tasty!) But then I also made mini lemon loaves.


Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – My go to

I love lemon. Lemon tarts, lemon bread, lemon icing, lemon cake – it’s all fantastic. I decided to make mini lemon loaves when I found this great little pan at Kitchen Stuff Plus. It had 4 spots in it to make mini loaves, and I thought how cute! I’ll give a tin of cookies and a little loaf.

So I make the loaves, which calls for lemon cake mix (and yes, I most definitely used Betty Crocker lemon cake mix) and instant pudding. Now, I am very aware that the loaves will rise because I’m using a cake mix and cakes rise when you bake them. I was not however expecting how much they would rise…


These are less cute little loaves and more mutant

loaves that are attempting to take over the world.

Full disclosure: I took this photo and sent it to my mom who simply replied “LMAO” (I was actually surprised she knew what that meant) and then I called her. She simply answered the phone laughing and kept laughing for about 15 seconds.

So my plan for cute little loaves didn’t work out quite so well. I obviously filled the pans too much. I made a larger loaf in a different pan and filled it up about a quarter of the way and that worked out fine. Lesson learned.


The loaves look a little ridiculous, but they taste good!

While the loaves once they were out of the pan looked rather ridiculous, they tasted fantastic if I do say so myself. Made better too by the lemon icing I dribbled over it.

I will definitely be making these loaves again, and hopefully next time I do they turn out as the cute little loaves that they were suppose to be.


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