Sunday Baking: Birthday Cupcakes

This week was my sister’s birthday, and so I made her chocolate cupcakes with white icing. And in full disclosure I was completely assisted by the wonderful Betty Crocker and her Devi’s Food Cake Mix, as well as her french vanilla icing.

IMG_1722Now, I know that it’s not baking from scratch, but time was in short supply, and really it does still technically count as baking. I mean I turned the oven on and everything 😉


Another reason I used dear old Betty, is because I don’t have a cupcake recipe, and I didn’t have time do a test run of a recipe.

So question to you out there – what is your go to cupcake recipe? I could use one because let’s be honest, cupcakes are essential to life.

IMG_1724The Betty Crocker cupcakes, of course, turned out well. Betty never lets me down. And my sister had a great birthday. So win win.

But in all seriousness. What cupcake recipe do you use that you love?


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