Sunday Baking: Lemon Ginger Cake

I bought a new cookbook called What to Bake & How to Bake It. It is a beginner’s cookbook and has illustrations of what each step should look like, which for me is highly helpful.

I decided to start baking weekly, and the decision was brought about because I find cooking incredibly stressful and anxiety inducing, but I find baking fairly relaxing. So my thought was that I would start baking more regularly to get comfortable in the kitchen and such and then slowly make my way over to cooking. (Note: I can cook so that I don’t starve but I don’t cook fantastically well and as I said it’s stressful and anxiety inducing).

Another reason that I decided to do this is that because of my ulcerative colitis sometimes (often) eating is hard/anxiety inducing because I’m afraid that my stomach is going to get very upset about whatever I’m eating. This is also heightened by the fact that I don’t taste and I don’t smell because my allergies are so bad. So when I cook it’s hard for me to tell when things are ready/cooked through etc.

Thus, the baking to get comfortable in the kitchen again and then moving into cooking so that cooking and baking are both enjoyable, less stressful, and not anxiety inducing.

So the first thing I made is a lemon-ginger cake. And I picked it because the picture in the book of what it’s suppose to look like, looked so delicious.


Lesson one I learned while making this cake is that it is a very good idea to read the whole recipe before you actual start anything. I had some sugar and molasses on the stove and didn’t realize that I also was suppose to have zested a lemon to go into the mix. A holler to my mom for aid had her zesting the lemon for me. (My mom is my hero).

Things went fairly smoothly after that, though the bottom of the cake stuck to the bottom of the pan a bit, but you couldn’t really tell.

The recipe calls for chopped candied ginger which I put in, but I found that it all sunk to the bottom of the cake and also more on one side than the other. Perhaps it was because I didn’t chop the pieces small enough? I’m also trying to decide if I even need to put it in next time…

My favourite part of the cake though was the lemon icing on top – mostly because I love lemon icing.

This is what it ended up looking like at the end.


Pretty good for my first cake from scratch 🙂


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