Review Tuesday: The Calamity Janes Series by Sherryl Woods

Calamity Janes 1I bought The Calamity Janes series by Sherryl Woods at Word on the Street back in September. Harlequin had a massive sale going on at their book and I think that I got these three books for like $5. You definitely can’t beat that.

The books are about 5 best friends who grew up together in their small little town and all (minus one) moved away, however they have all kept in touch. Now though it’s their high school reunion and all of them are coming back to town.

Book 1 Do You Take this Rebel is about Cassie. Cassie has a 10 year old son, and a 10 year old secret. The father of her child doesn’t know that he’s a father, and of course when he does find out sparks fly – both the bad and the good.

Book 2 Courting the Enemy is about Karen. Karen is a rancher her ranch is on the verge of bankruptcy. There is someone willing to buy the ranch however, and even though she has no desire to sell, the buyer is creating all sort of hot and bothersome problems for her.

Book 3 To Catch a Thief is aC. janes 2bout Gina. Gina is a phenomenal chief, but apparently not the best All Pagesjudge of character. Now, she has a problem with a lawyer who thinks that she’s a thief. However, that might be the least of their problems.

Book 4 The Calamity Janes is about Emma. Emma is a lawyer who after an incredibly bad experience with the media completely distrusts journalists. Too bad that she needs a particular one to help her sway the public in a murder trial that she’s defending.

Book 5 Wrangling the Redhead is about Lauren. Lauren is a famous movie star and doesn’t want to be anymore. So to figure out what to do next she works on a ranch helping with the horses. Her and the head wrangler however but heads, but instead of just yelling at each other all of c. janes 3that passion turns into something else.

The books were a fun read. I definitely liked some more than the others, but all of them were very good. It was also nice to have a series that was about best friends. The books all start off at the same place (the high school reunion) and go from there, so it’s fun to see each of the women start at the same place and end up in different places. A nice and cute series and well worth the read.




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