Review Tuesday: Love After Dark by Marie Force

Love After Dark is the latest book from Marie Force in the Gansett Island series, and I loved it.

From Goodreads:

Paul Martinez has been run ragged by the demands of managing the family’s landscaping business and his mother’s battle with dementia. It’s been so long since he had sex, he can’t remember the last time. The arrival of nurse Hope Russell brought some badly needed help to Paul and his brother Alex in managing their mother’s illness, but Hope’s presence has sparked a whole new problem for Paul—lusting after one of his employees, something his late father would never condone.

Hope and her young son Ethan badly need this second chance on Gansett Island, and she’s determined to make her new job work for both of them. Kissing her boss, however, was not part of the plan. The more time she spends with Paul, the more she admires the way he cares for his mother and the attention he pays to her son. But when Paul finds out about her shameful past, will he still want her and Ethan in his life?

Come back to Gansett Island to find out what’s going on with all your favorite characters, including Mac and Maddie, Seamus and Carolina and the rest of the Gansett crew. Weeks before Alex and Jenny’s long-awaited wedding, Alex begins to worry that his bride is getting cold feet—or is something else going on? It’s September on Gansett where the days are cool, bright and sunny and the nights are hot and sexy! Approximately 90,000 words.

I will admit that this book started off rather depressing – people got sick, people died (no worries, that was not a spoiler) and my heart hurt because while these things happen that doesn’t make it easier. The sadness at the beginning of the book – and in some instances that carried throughout it made all of the great happy moments that much better because they were contrasted so sharply. I think the biggest thing to take away from this book (other than that this is a great book and a series that you should be reading) is that time is precious, and so are the people in your life. Don’t waste time, and give the people in your life your full attention because they are the most important thing.

This is book thirteen in the Gansett Island series, and if you’re interested in this series, book one is called Maid For Love and you won’t be disappointed!


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