Review Tuesday: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Most people know about The Hobbit. You’ve either read the book or seen the movies. This is the third time, I think, that I’ve read it and I love it each time. It’s such a great story.

the hobbit

From Goodreads:

‘The Hobbit’ is a tale of high adventure, undertaken by a company of dwarves in search of dragon-guarded gold. A reluctant partner in this perilous quest is Bilbo Baggins, a comfort-loving, unambitious hobbit.


The first thing I notice whenever I read The Hobbit is the tone of the story. I can very much picture Tolkien sitting down and telling this story to his children. It reads as if he’s speaking. It also jaunts and in turn ambles along. This is a tale for you to sit down and luxuriate in. It’s not really about getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, as many stories are nowadays.

The second thing I notice is that the narrator always knows that there is more going on in Middle Earth than what is happening on the pages in The Hobbit. It gets eluded to, or mentioned briefly – such as that business with the Necromancer – but it isn’t part of Bilbo’s tale and therefore isn’t important currently. But with a few well aimed sentences Tolkien as created a depth to the world that the reader is anxious to explore.

Very few people write fantasy like Tolkien does. Middle Earth is a special place that is brought to life every time you open a book by him (or watch a Peter Jackson movie – he did a good job with those movies). If you’ve never read The Hobbit, it is a MUST read. Go now and get your copy. And if you have read it, I suggest reading it again. Middle Earth is waiting for you.


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