Review Tuesday: Vanity Fair

Now, usually my Review Tuesdays are about books. And next week’s will definitely be a book review. However, I do read more than books. I also really enjoy reading some magazines, so this Review Tuesday is showing some love to them.

One of the magazines that I read every month is Vanity Fair. I got into reading Vanity Fair a couple of years ago when I found out that the editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, is Canadian (we’re everywhere). I don’t usually care who’s featured each month, celebrity wise, because I find those articles not nearly as interesting as some of the other ones that they have. Vanity Fair Cover

It is true that a good chunk of Vanity Fair is very much about the who’s who in the world of celebrities, tech mongols, the rich and the famous. But sometimes it’s good to be in the know about these things. So I use Vanity Fair as my one stop shop on pop culture things.

However, another chunk of Vanity Fair is about interesting topics, and world issues. Some of my favourite articles have included reading about the NuvaRing, cyber warfare in Iran, and Kiva.

I find that reading Vanity Fair is a good way to take a break from the world of imagination and books and to step back into the real world. The real world is something that we need to be active participants in, and to engage in. We need to have an understanding and knowledge of what is going on in it and Vanity Fair is one the sources I use for that knowledge.

Some other magazines that I read – not as regularly as Vanity Fair but fairly often – are Wired and Monocle.

What about you? Besides books what do you like to read?


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