Review Tuesday: Takhini Wolves Series by Vivian Arend

I have a couple of romance authors that I really love, and Vivian Arend is one of those. Vivian has a couple of series that I love like Six Pack Ranch, Thompson & Sons, and Granite Lake Wolves.  But now I can add the Takhini Wolves series to my list as well.

I read these four books in less than a week. They were impossible for me to put down.

The books are about a group of characters that are shapeshifters – wolf shapeshifters specifically, though there are different kinds like bears and cougars – and them essentially finding their perfect match or mate. It’s romance and fantasy in once nice entertaining package and made it impossible to stop reading. Black Gold

Book one in the series is called Black Gold and it’s about Shaun and Gem. You meet Shaun in the Granite Lake Wolves series and I really like both of the series intertwine with each other. It’s nice to hear about characters that you read about earlier and what they’re doing and how they’re doing.

Silver Mine is book two and it’s about Chase and Shelley. There was a slight overlap in character I found between Shelley of this book and Maggie from Wolf Games as they were both in the habit of denying who they are because of bad past experiences, however I enjoyed Chase – he’s a great character, and Chase and Shelley together were great. I do wish in their story though it went into more detail about the disease that was spreading through the province – I thought it was a bit abrupt how that was sorted.

The third book is Diamond Dust, and is about Tyler a bear shifter and Caroline a human. Caroline has been in the series since book one, and she’s a fire cracker. She is strong, resilient, and runs her world and the world of the Takhini wolves with such control and power it’s awesome to read. Tyler, is a bear shifter and a major contender to be their ruler in their next election. The two of them together are dynamite and explode a couple of times as they try to get themselves sorted out. It’s one of my favourite of hers. Diamond Dust

The fourth and, sadly, last book in this series is Moon Shine, and is about Evan the Alpha wolf of the Takhini pack, who you’ve met in book one and read about all the way through the series, and his mate Amy. The two of them are Alpha’s over two separate packs and they have to get through a ton of past history, as well as some future problems before they can be together.

My biggest complaint about these books is that I wished that they were longer (which is really a good complaint to make). Sometimes I did feel like things ended too abruptly or weren’t explained in as much detail as I wanted, and other times I just wanted to read more about the characters.

If fantasy and romance are genres that you like to read, then you should definitely check out this series as well as the Granite Lake Wolves series. These are books that I will definitely be reading again.


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