The Knitting Project(s)

I’ve found that over the winter it’s best if I have some kind of project on the go because it helps with my anxiety – a project essentially helps keep me busy and occupied. The thing though is that I wanted a project that was productive and didn’t feel that it was just busy work or something that I was simply marking time with. So  I decided on knitting something.

Now luck would have it that some friends of mine were expecting a baby so in November, when winter started, I decided to knit them a baby blanket, and I finished it in the middle of January, very close to when their baby was born, (a little girl, she’s so gorgeous!).

Baby Blanket

I started the blanket before I knew that they were having a girl, which is why it is a more gender neutral green.

Knitting the baby blanket was fun, so I decided to make one of my new years resolutions knitting a blanket – a full size blanket. It’s going to be blue and grey, and I’m knitting squares of the two colours that I’m then going to put into a pattern and knit together once I have enough squares.

Squares for new blanket project

It’s a much bigger project, and I’ll probably put it away once summer hits, but I’ll definitely pick it up again when winter comes again next year.  (Mind you it currently doesn’t look like winter is leaving any time soon, so I feel like I’ll get some more squares done before I see a hint of spring).

The thing that I really like about this blanket project is that I could end up giving it to someone next year for a Christmas gift, or simply keep it for myself because I’m always cold and you can never have too many blankets.

Knitting Projects

Do you have any winter projects on the go?


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