Review Tuesday – My To-Read Pile

This is my To-Read Pile – well it’s my physical one. There might also be a virtual one that exists on my Kobo. Needless to say I have a lot of books to read.

My To-Read Pile

Books for me, are an escape, a journey, an adventure. You experience so much as you read. You fall in love with characters, and completely despise others. You want to live in the worlds that authors create. There’s just nothing else like it.

I also have the habit of completely forgetting where I am when I read, so when I yell or gasp or start talking to the characters (doesn’t everyone do that?) I could be sitting on my couch or on the subway…sometimes it gets awkward.

Currently, I’m reading Beautiful Beloved, which is a novella, so I’m trying to decide what other book I’m going to bring on the subway with me tomorrow just in case I finish it on my commute. A girl must be prepared.

What do you like most about reading? What does your to-read pile look like?



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