The Harbour of Routine

This week I’m thinking about how much I rely on routine.

Next week I start a new job (which I’m incredibly excited about) but one of the major routines of my life is changing, and I didn’t realize really how much I relied on it, or was comforted by it until now.

There is something comforting about getting up and knowing what you’re going to do with your day – you know which transit to take, what time to leave and arrive, what you’re going to be working on, who you’re going to see – you have a plan. (Obviously your plan morphs and changes as the day progresses, but the big things are the same) You know the details of how your day is going to go and that gives you a sense of safety and security. When that changes I feel like I’m a little adrift – out in sea being tossed around by waves, without oars or a compass. And that is scary.

Now, I know that I’ll get a new routine, and be back in the harbour of safety eventually, but right now it’s a bit scary, though also exciting. Sometimes, as it’s been pointed out to me, when something is scary or exciting it means you’re out of your comfort zone and that means that you’re growing. Growth is always good.

So my notes to myself about all of these changes is to keep taking deep breaths, know that while it’s scary to be doing something new it’s also a good new and a good challenge and that after a while this will also become routine and comforting until I change it up again.

But for now, one step in front of the other because to quote a very famous hobbit, “I’m going on an adventure!”



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