Review Tuesday: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I really enjoy biographies, and for some reason this year I’ve read more celebrity biographies than I usually do. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Yes Please

It was obviously a funny and entertaining read. It was interesting reading about her experiences with improv and SNL. I, for instance, didn’t know how close she and Seth Meyers are, though now that I know that, it makes complete sense to me.

I also found it at times very insightful about life in general, which took me a little by surprise, though it shouldn’t have. She had some good advice about sticking up for yourself, about apologizing when you make a mistake, and about essentially being brave and trying new things.

I also really liked the fact that she didn’t talk about her divorce. It is no ones business but her and her ex-husband’s, and I’m glad that she didn’t go into it, and when she briefly mentioned him, I’m glad that she did in a respectful manner. Too often that doesn’t happen when it comes to divorce.

Lastly, the physical book itself. The book was heavy. It’s the paper it’s printed on – it’s gorgeous, crisp, fantastic for images, and so damn heavy after a while. I found that ever now and again mu wrist would get sore from holding up the book, which sounds so pathetic when I write that out, but it is something I noticed when I read.

If you like biographies, Amy Poehler, and/or funny people this is a book that you shouldn’t miss, and that you’ll most likely enjoy at least as much as  I did.


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