Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Today was the day where my city got it’s first real dumping of snow. I think it was about 10 cm, which in the grand scheme of snow for us, is not a lot, but it did mess us up today.

The one thing I enjoy about the first major snowfall – actually maybe enjoy is the wrong word, let’s go with “find funny”, is how people completely forget how to drive once there is snow involved. It’s incredible. We live in Canada, and we spend just about half our year in winter, so I have zero idea how it comes as a surprise that it’s snowing and that yes you have to go out and drive in that. And oh gosh, I have to drive slower? Leave more space to brake? Beware of ice? Really? Who knew?

Like I said. funny and unbelievable.

Give us another couple of days though, and most of us will get into the swing of things again. Because this will be our reality until about March…if we’re lucky.


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