The Mini Van Theory

I have a theory. In terms of life it’s a small theory – I’m not about to redefine the world of physics or anything – but it’s a good theory. Tested and everything.

It’s called The Mini Van Theory.

I live in a city that as a subway system, (not a phenomenal one, but that’s a post for another time…and there will be a time), and I drive to my subway station, park and then get on the train.

Usually, I get to the parking lot so that I can park in a row where I can just drive out of my spot when I leave. It is just so much easier than backing up. However, there are times in life when it’s not possible to park so I can just drive out, and thus I have developed The Mini Van Theory.

The theory is this:

When going to park in a parking lot and parking behind someone in a row, park behind a mini van.

Why, you ask?

Mini vans mean kids. Which means that the parent who drives that lovely mini van wants to get home on time and thus will leave work on time, and be out of the parking lot by the time I get to my car. Thus, leaving me to just drive through.

This theory has worked for me for the past 2 days, and like I said, it’s not changing the laws of physics or anything, but it is making my life just a teensy bit easier at 5:30 at night, and I’ll take that.


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