Review Tuesday: #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso I found straddles a genre line in that it’s a little bit of an autobiography, and a little bit of a business book. It was though, without a doubt, an interesting read.

Sophia is famous for started her company Nasty Gal, and making it (within a few short years) the multimillion dollar company that it is today. Sophia is the CEO, and a couple of other titles, at Nasty Gal. GirlBoss

At first, I will admit, that when I started reading this book, I found her tone to be really abrasive and at other times also condescending, and that threw me off for a couple of chapters. However, I did get into the swing of things and I realized it’s not that she’s abrasive really, it’s just that she’s very blunt, and if she has an opinion (which it seems that she nearly always does) she doesn’t hesitate to give it.

She had a couple of fantastic chapters and points on things to do and not do in interviews and on resumes, the best way to behave in certain business situations, and on confidence. That’s on the of the things that really stuck me about this book is that she seemed very good at giving the reader confidence in herself, and reminding her how awesome she (or he) is, and that if it’s something that that you want, and if it’s something that you’re willing to work your ass off for nothing can stop you.

Sophia has confidence in spades, and to me it seems like that comes from not being afraid of failing or making mistakes. Sometimes you are gonna mess up, and something things are not going to go your way, and that’s okay. You keep working, you keep climbing, you keep enjoying yourself, and you retain your confidence that you are awesome – or as she puts it #GirlBoss.



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