My Fall List of Joys

Spring and fall are my favourite seasons – mostly because it means I can wear sweaters and socks (my two favourite articles of clothing), and because it rains often. I love the rain. And thunderstorms.

However, even though we are currently in one of my favourite seasons, some days are just shit, and sometimes you feel blah, and because of that it is time for the Fall List of Joys so that when those days happen there is a list I can turn to, to remind me of all of the awesome things that exist this season.

Fall List of Joys

  1. The rain. (I know not everyone is going to agree with me here, but just go with it) It’s moody, has a little bite, and is essentially just a different kind of beautiful.
  2. Pierogi making in my Babcie’s kitchen. This happens technically in the fall, winter and spring (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter) but it’s a wonderful day when it happens. We make hundreds, and I eat the potato that we’re going to stuff the pierogi’s with right out of the pot, because hey, a girl gets hungry.
  3. Tim Hortons tea, apple cider, hot chocolate. It’s finally cold enough again to drink them!
  4. Leaves changing colours. I love when the leaves change colours, and watching them fall off the trees. They’re just so beautiful. It’s the last grand hurrah before winter seeps in and tucks the world into bed.
  5. Hot apple pie. Hot apple pie can be had at just about any time of the year, I know this. But there’s just something very fall about hot apple pie.
  6. Waking up on a cold rainy day, and having no where you need to be. These kind of days are lovely because you can watch the world blow by outside while you’re curled up on the couch with tea and a book, or with a movie.
  7. Starting to think about Christmas Lists. First off, you are NEVER too old to make a Christmas list. Second off, this is the time where you can dream and wish big because people are generous at Christmas time. So, I may or may not have a Macbook Pro on my Christmas List, along with a bunch of graphic novels that I’m too cheap to buy on my own, but that I really want to read.
  8. Hockey. The NHL officially starts in October. My hockey pool has already started (I’m totally going to lose this first week, curses!), and all things are possible currently for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  9. Flannel sheets and pjs. It’s starting to get cold, and I’ve already broken out the flannel sheets and warm pjs. There are few things better then snuggling up in bed and be warm and toasty. It’s like a hug from your sheets.
  10. Spending time with friends and family. Clearly this happens not just in the fall season, but all the time. However, as winter is right around the corner you don’t want to travel as far or go out as often so now’s the time to see as many people as possible, and to do all of the things you wanted to do before winter comes a calling.

That is my Fall List of Joys. What’s yours?


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