Review Tuesday: One In A Million by Jill Shalvis

I started reading romance novels two years ago when my anxiety was really bad. It was an escape for me. They’re fun, light hearted, no one dies, everyone’s happy at the end. The perfect escape. However, what started out as an escape turned into something that I just really enjoy, and romance books have now become part of my reading material.

I now have a couple of romance authors that I completely love and adore, and Jill Shalvis is one of them. I mark when her books are coming out on my calendar and I get up extra early on those mornings to make sure that they’re on my ereader for my morning commute.

The newest book that just came out is called One In A Million. It came out today and since I’m still home sick (it just won’t go away!) I was able to start and finish it today. OneInAMillion_MM-250x403

I inhaled this new book. It was fantastic. It’s the 12th book in the Lucky Harbour series, and the last one (minus the little novella coming out in December – which is obviously marked on my calendar). This one is about Tanner and Callie. The last two books in the series were about Tanner’s two best friends Sam and Cole. They three of them own a boat charter business where the take people boating, fishing, scuba diving etc. Callie, runs her own wedding website and is able to work from home. The two of them grew up together and Callie has recently moved back to her hometown. Tanner also has a son Troy, who he’s been estranged from, and who has recently been dumped on his doorstep by his mom. Lots going on.

Tanner and Callie have fantastic chemistry. Callie has some majorly mad awkward moments, and a deep love of donuts, and Tanner has this incredibly abiding patience (which he earned the hard way) and the need to do the right thing no matter the cost to himself, and together – well together they’re perfect. They of course have their little bumps long the way; the classic miscommunication, but by the end Tanner, Callie and Troy are a family. And romance readers everywhere are happy.

If you’re into romance novels (and I get that not everyone is) then Jill Shalvis is not an author that you want to miss. The books are paced well, have great sex scenes, humour, and most importantly great banter between characters. And that is a must have.


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