When You’re Sick

My last post was all about when do you blog, how often do you blog, etc. I now realize though that all of that goes out the window when you’re sick.

This is Day 6 of The Sickness, as I’m calling it. I actually feel the best today (which makes sense) but I have a wicked cough still that seems to strike me every couple of minutes. This means that my rib cage and every muscle in my torso hates me and is plotting it’s revenge I’m sure.

I started getting sick on Monday. Just a sore throat, I thought. Monday afternoon however, my body got the updated memo that no it’s wasn’t just a sore throat, it was an everything. So home I went.

I spent Tuesday at home on the couch – sore throat, no voice, slight difficultly breathing, cough, congestion etc.

Wednesday, I went to the doctor to learn that I have/had an “upper respiratory infection” which means that I got an antibiotic to take 4 times a day, a decongestant, and a puffer to take as needed. Great times.

Thursday and Friday I essentially spent on the couch, coughing, being unable to speak, and generally feeling crappy.

Today, day 6, is the best day so far. I’ve graduated to solid food again! (I hate soup). But the coughing, like I said, is really getting old.

In the 6 days that I’ve spent on the couch, I have essentially become a daytime tv ho. Kelly and Michael in the morning, Ellen, The View, M*A*S*H, The Big Bang Theory (reruns) the list goes on.

The worst part of it all – and it’s not like it’s been a picnic to begin with – is that on Sunday my Polish family is having Thanksgiving dinner, and my Dziadziu (gradfather) is coming home for the first time from the nursing home he’s in to have dinner with everyone. However, my Dziadziu is 92 and has a not great immune system. He can’t get sick. And I am sick. So it’s not looking too good that I’m going to be making dinner. *le sigh*. There are homemade perogies too.

Trying not to throw a pity party, (or at least not another one lol) but it does suck. Hopefully all of your Thanksgivings are going better than mine!


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