A Night with My Sister & Ed Sheeran

This week I saw Ed Sheeran at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. It was phenomenal. He was phenomenal. He comes out with just an acoustic guitar, starts to play and simply takes your breath away.

A couple of moments from the concert that stick out in my mind.

1. It started on time. The ticket said 7:30, which to me meant that the opening band would come on at 8, and then Ed would come on around 9. I was wrong. 7:31 the opening band Rudimental came on, and by 8:30 Ed casually walked onto stage and smiled a little bashfully while thousands of people collectively lost their shit and screamed.

If I wasn’t already in love with his music, I would have been after experiencing the concert starting on time. Nothing sexy then that.

2.  There were a couple of songs that were slow and lovely (Ed does those so well) and since I was on the floor of the ACC, I looked up a couple of times to see just thousands of little cell phones lights and it reminded me of the scene from Guardians of the Galaxy when Groot produces all of those lights/fireflies. It was just so stunningly and unexpectedly beautiful.

3. Ed can sing. He’s completely fantastic live and he sounds exactly like his album. The cool thing too about Ed’s concerts are that he loops different melodies, harmonies, sounds, etc, so while it’s just him and his guitar, it’s him and his guitar and some amazing sound, and variations on his sounds/songs.

4. He played my favourite song 🙂 which is Give me Love, and I have no problem admitting that I screamed like a fan girl. He also played Don’tThinking Out Loud, and clearly others that filled up two hours worth of time. He didn’t play Photograph which is also one of my favourite songs, but I can deal.

5. I got to go to the concert with my best friend, who’s essentially my sister, and we realized that it’s the first concert that we’ve ever attended together, and it was by far the best concert we could have gone to.

So thank you Ed for an awesome evening with my sister. For the dancing that I did in front of my chair, the screaming I did that left me feeling incredibly peaceful inside, and great music that I’ve been listening to continuously. Make sure you come back to Toronto because I will definitely be buying tickets again.


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