First Aid Responder + Princess Bride = Joy. Who Knew?

Today, I took a 1 day course with the St. John Ambulance organization and got trained in CPR and First Aid. Work paid for me to go, which is an extra bonus – so now I’ve learned something and got to do it for free! (Life’s little blessings).

Anyway, all day long, at the beginning of every single scenario that you did, you had to identify yourself, say that you were trained as a first aid responder, and ask the “casualty” not “victim” (okay in all honesty, doesn’t casualty sound much more serious than victim? I hear casualty and I think dead person) “can I help you?”

So, the spiel went along the lines of this, “Hello, my name is Cait, I am a trained first aid responder, can I help you?”

After the first couple of times of saying this however, I started having a play back in my head every time I went to go say it of “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” Now, you know what this is? Funny, but not helpful. So, by the afternoon every time I had to go do my little spiel,  I had a smile on my face because I kept thinking of The Princess Bride.

That’s totally going to happen now in real life. I’ll have to deal with some first response issue at work and just have this ridiculous grin on my face when I start my spiel.

Take joy where you can find it right?


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