Let’s Talk About Stress

I’m perhaps not the norm when it comes to stress, but for me if I get too stressed out it can lead to anxiety, which then also can lead to panic attacks.

What do I have to be stressed about?

Nothing. And yet everything. Stress is clearly a mental thing. It’s your brain’s way of telling you that whatever you are doing you either need to stop or better pace yourself because you can’t handle it. You brain needs a break. Stress can also effect you physically. I always find this stage to be when your brain is tired of being ignored so it sends signals to your body to get you to start paying attention. These kind of signals (for me anyway) are things like headaches, sore muscles, pain in back, neck, shoulders, tiredness, hyperactivity etc.

I find that stress is something that is serious in terms of mental health, and yet something that people – especially younger generations – don’t really take too seriously.

Today I got stressed out. This happens sometimes and it’s not the end of the world. Today there was no anxiety, no panic attacks, but I was stressed out enough that I had pain in my shoulders, neck and ended up with a headache – a headache that I still can’t quite shake even though it’s now 11 pm, and I don’t feel stressed any longer. The thing with my stress levels is that because I know I get anxious, and can end up with a panic attack, I monitor my stress perhaps more carefully than other people. Today when my headache came, I took my lunch and walked around downtown in the sunshine. My break, from the work that while important, wasn’t worth getting stressed out about.

Sometimes I find that people are so concerned with getting everything done and being the best and trying to do it all that they get way too stressed out and end up hurting themselves in the long run. And while I realize that this post is now sounding more on the preachy side, it’s important to monitor your stress, and it’s important to have steps in place to combat it.

My Steps to Combat Stress and Chill the F*ck Out:

1. Take a walk. Walk aways either physically or mentally for a little while. Go do something else.

2. Take 5 minutes and just do a little mediation or breathing exercises. I realize that sounds rather new age-y, but it works. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

3. Exercise. Do yoga, run, bike – whatever you do that helps your brain turn off and still gets your blood flowing.

Stress is part of life. Shit happens and we have to deal with it, but we all need to take a moment now and again and just chill out. Relax. Be calm. Taking that time will definitely serve us mentally and physically in the long run.

What do you do to combat stress?


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