Choosing Your Next Adventure

One of the hardest things to decide in life is what book to read next. You laugh, but it’s true. I have easily a hundred books on my “to be read” pile, and there are times where it feels just about impossible to pick one. 

There are factors in choosing a book as well. The new book I’m currently trying to decided upon is going to be my subway book. It can’t be a hardcover – it’s just too big and heavy to carry, and it can’t be too serious because let’s face it who wants to handle serious complicated matters before 8 am? So it has to be a paperback, and it can’t be a book that carries the weight of the world in its pages. 

Then there are the library books – those jump the “to be read” line because late fees are a bitch, and I never remember to renew. But most of the time they are hardcover books, and therefore are excluded from being subway books. See how complicated this is getting? 

I also just finished Old Man’s War, which was fantastic and you should read it if you’re at all into science fiction, but because of that I’m also not quite in the mood for another scifi book. Thus, Ender’s Game, which is on my “to read pile” is getting skipped over this round. My “home book” [read book that I’m reading at home] is Hillary Clinton’s new book Hard Choices, so I don’t want to read another book about politics yet, which means that I Am Malala is off the table as well. 

Hmmm…What to choose…

There’s Y the last Man, American Gods, OR all of the books that I haven’t read which are sitting on my Kobo – like the second Gentleman Bastard’s book, or The Chaos of Stars…there’s also Looking for Alaska that I borrowed from my friend Jay

How does one choose? 

I’m probably going to call an audible tomorrow morning and just grab one that I’m in the mood for at 7 am. It’s not a terribly scientific method of choosing books, nor an organized method, but what’s a girl to do? Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut – or with whatever is closest at hand at 7 am when you run out the door. 

I’ll let you know what I choose next. Actually, you’ll be able to see it on the sidebar. 

How do you choose what to read next? Is there a method in the madness of your “to be read” pile? 



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