A Little Peace

I have discovered that people think that I’m weird for liking the rain. But I like the rain. I love rainy days. I love the violence and rage of thunderstorms, the downpour of trillions of droplets of water when you’re afraid that it’s just never going to stop. I love the quiet rain, the cold rain, the summer rain. I like walking in it, dancing in it, and watching it fall outside a window as I drink tea and read.

There are a couple of reasons why I love the rain. One of the reasons is that since I have such bad allergies I always feel like I can breath better after it rains, and breathing is always good. I enjoy the smell of wet earth, everything feeling fresh and new – as if the whole world is possible again. A clean slate.

The other reason I love the rain is that it feels as if the world slows down. The hectic-ness that runs the day, the schedule that one must keep, the deadlines that are always up and coming, all of that just seems to fade into the background, until it feels like everything has gone into slow motion around me. The world gets quiet. There’s time to relax, take it all in.

Rainy days – and foggy days – are my favourite kind of days. They flood me with inspiration, quiet joy and slowly fill me with a deep sense of peace. Those are the days that are simply a different kind of beautiful.


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